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As a real estate agent in Berlin, we have specialized in the professional marketing of residential real estate.

What does that mean for you? Whether buying or selling a property – we know that you are dealing with decisions that involve a lot of money and often a lot of emotions. This is exactly where we, as experienced real estate agents in Berlin, provide you with the decisive added value. We guarantee that extra security. Comprehensive advice and a proven and legally secure handling of your project are of outstanding importance…

Flexmakler does exactly that: Excellent real estate agents in the market for over 30 years. We know exactly what is important in real estate business and know the possible stumbling blocks and risks. By choosing Flexmakler, you are choosing security. Your personal wishes and goals are our top priority. This is how we ultimately achieve your desired result. We meet your specifications and goals reliably, on time and honestly. Hire us and you have one less thing to worry about. We are your reliable partner when it comes to real estate.

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We offer security and discretion

For professional real estate agents, marketing begins with the right time to sell. Did you buy a property a few years ago? Regardless of whether you bought a condominium or a single-family house at the time. Today it is not uncommon for you to get twice as much for this. Of course, it all depends on the condition and location. Overall, real estate prices in Germany are at a record level. In the metropolitan regions anyway, but also in the surrounding areas of large cities and in medium-sized, especially so-called swarm cities, prices are higher than ever before in Germany. Berlin and Düsseldorf are two of the most interesting cities in Germany for real estate sellers.

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As a real estate agent in Berlin, we know that there are essentially two reasons for the enormous price development in the real estate market. On the one hand, there is the strong demand for living space, fueled in particular by growing population figures and influx into metropolitan areas, but on the other hand also by the current level of interest rates.

In Berlin and Düsseldorf, for example, both new buildings and existing properties are currently extremely popular. But not only in the metropolitan areas and their fat belts. As a result of rising rents, but above all due to the shortage and the associated problems of finding adequate housing, more and more city dwellers are moving to the surrounding area. Here the prices have been affordable up to now, but here too the prices are rising sharply due to the demand that has arisen. Ultimately, it is also worthwhile here to have the individual circumstances assessed by a real estate expert.

Mortgage rates are currently on the rise again. How long does this trend last? Expert opinions differ. Some take the position that the real estate market in Germany in metropolitan areas already meets criteria that speak for a real estate bubble. Following this logic, interest rates would then have to be lowered in order to prevent the market from further overheating.


Have the value of your property professionally determined

Perhaps you have inherited a house or you would like to move to a new location. There are many reasons why a property sale can make sense. Before you jump into the sales process, you should definitely have your property valued by an expert.

Some homeowners believe that it is sufficient to simply compare the offers on the real estate portals in order to determine the market value of their property. Although this makes perfect sense for developing a marketing strategy, it is less suitable for determining the market value of a property. On the one hand, it is the case that offer prices can differ significantly from actually notarized purchase prices. But it is even more important that every property has individual characteristics, which are ultimately reflected in the purchase price.

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If you do not know the market value of your property, it is very unlikely that you will find the optimal offer price for your property. You really need to be careful here. Marketing with an unsuitable offer price can result in high losses of time and even price losses. Why? If the price is too low, you will get less for your house or apartment than you could possibly get. The disadvantage is therefore obvious. If you set the offer price significantly too high, you will not find a buyer. The property remains on the market for a long time, which is also observed by potential buyers. You get suspicious.

Ultimately, you are forced to lower the price just to find a buyer. Often this price is even below the actual market value. Would you like to know the current market value of your property? Regardless of whether you want to evaluate your condominium or your house: We are happy to assist you with our many years of experience for a free valuation as well as comprehensive advice.

Selling real estate successfully

Rely on professional real estate marketing

Are you thinking about selling your property? Are you looking for a reliable broker with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the market situation? Then you should use our competence and experience. We have been working successfully in real estate brokerage for many years and offer you all the requirements for the optimal success of your project. Regardless of whether it is a condominium or apartment building – we are the right partner for you.

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Every seller wants to sell his property at the best possible price. Can you do that as a private seller? Naturally! In the vast majority of cases, however, professional real estate marketing makes sense. So what is the difference between professional property marketing and private sales? First of all, a lot of preparatory work and excellent market and industry knowledge are required. Many sellers underestimate this and are ultimately left disappointed. Avoid costly and nerve-wracking mistakes. Rely on our expertise and service right from the start.

Due to our specialization in the real estate markets in Berlin and Düsseldorf, we consistently rely on a regional principle. We are rooted in the cities and know both legal and urban planning changes very well. How does that help you? Our consulting service enables you to make really solid decisions.

Our philosophy is to present your property in the best possible way, to market it efficiently and, of course, to sell it at the best price. Find out more about our services. A real estate valuation in line with the market is just as important as an attractive synopsis and professional real estate photography. We assure you that the brokerage of your property will run smoothly. From the condominium to the apartment building.

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Carolina Guerra
Carolina Guerra
Mr Böker and Mrs Graß have been very kind and attentive to the process. It stands out their good communication; happy to have them as my Immobilien.
Rahel Kunkel
Rahel Kunkel
Die Besichtigung, Vertragsabschluss und Übergabe waren super schnell, einfach und zuverlässig 🙂 Alles hat wunderbar geklappt!
Sidney levy
Sidney levy
Fantastic communication and very efficient service ... I can only recommend it S.
Sara Queirolo
Sara Queirolo
Ich habe mit Flexmakler als Fotografin zusammengearbeitet. Ich habe mich sehr gut verstanden, sie sind sehr professionell und versuchen immer, die Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden zu erfüllen.
Maxwell Ware
Maxwell Ware
Wonderful and professional service. Helped us with any issues promptly and made moving in Berlin hassle free.
Katarina Steinbach
Katarina Steinbach
Top! Herr Böker hat von Anfang an sehr schnell meine Emails beantwortet. Er ist immer zu erreichen und sehr hilfsbereit. Die Antwort nach der Wohnungsbesichtigung habe ich schon am nächsten Tag erhalten. Mit dem Mietvertrag ging sehr schnell und einwandfrei. Es war mir eine Freude, mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten. Gerne wieder!
noelle beaujean
noelle beaujean
Bonjour, Nous sommes très content de la rapidité de Flexmakler. Le 9/2/23 recherche de locataire pour Friedrichsbergerstrass et le 1/3/23 le locataire entrait dans l'appartement. Même rapidité pour la recherche de locataire pour Stargarderstrass.
Die gesamte Kommunikation sowie die Besichtigung der Wohnung war geprägt von einem überaus höflichen Ton, der Bereitstellung aller wichtigen und benötigten Informationen und einem schnellen Austausch. Rundum ein sehr angenehmer Kontakt zum Team! Vielen Dank!

Real estate agent in Berlin

Nowhere in Germany is living space as popular as in Berlin. The German capital can hardly cope with the enormous demand at the moment. In addition, more and more foreign investors are buying residential properties in Berlin, which is driving up prices. Whether it’s buying an apartment or a house in Berlin – real estate in Berlin is more popular than ever and an excellent investment.

Anyone who owns a property in Berlin – whether as a residential property or as an investment – has done a lot right. More and more people follow this trend and want to buy a property in Berlin. Die Bezirke Berlin Mitte, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Friedrichshain, Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin Charlottenburg, Berlin Schöneberg, Berlin Lichtenberg und Berlin Wedding gehören zu den begehrtesten Lagen Berlins.

There for you at numerous locations in Berlin

As one of the leading brokerage companies, we are represented in Berlin and have excellent regional and international networks. We offer our clients a full range of services supporting the purchase, sale and rental of real estate in the capital. If you are looking for a professional real estate agent in Berlin who will help you with your concerns, you have come to the right place. Our experienced real estate agents in Berlin have a deep understanding of the local market and are well informed about current trends and developments. Sie möchten wissen, was Ihre Immobilie wert ist? Nutzen Sie unsere Online-Immobilienbewertung für eine schnelle Analyse. For a detailed assessment, we recommend a professional market value determination by certified independent real estate appraisers – free of charge and without obligation for owners. We are excited to meet you personally. Your competent real estate agent in Berlin

Selling property in Berlin: We know the market value of your property

Are you thinking about selling your property in Berlin? Our real estate experts are available to you at any time for individual advice and will provide you with a competent market price estimate for the valuation of your property. We create an exclusive marketing strategy for each property, including a tailor-made marketing concept. Regular reports on the sales status of your property inform you about current viewing appointments until the right buyer is found. In addition, we support you with our technical know-how in upcoming contract negotiations as well as with a comprehensive after-sales service. Of course we are also happy to help you with the rental of your property.

Buy or rent a property: We will find your dream property in Berlin

Whether Berlin Mitte, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Charlottenburg, Berlin Grunewald, Berlin Friedrichshain, Berlin Kreuzberg or Berlin Neukölln – we will find real estate for you according to your individual ideas, such as a house, apartment, villa or dream house for the whole family in a central location. We currently have numerous properties in Berlin on offer. We are happy to help you with your search. Current real estate offers in Berlin

Selling a property with the support of a real estate agent

The Berlin real estate agents from FLEXMAKLER support you both in selling your property and in the search for a house or a condominium. If you would like to sell your property, the broker will discuss your property and your requirements in a personal meeting with you and then evaluate your property in the next step. For this it is important that the real estate agent has local market knowledge and experience in real estate sales. Based on the sales prices achieved for comparable properties in a similar location, the current condition of your property and the general market development, you will receive an individual market price estimate for your property.

In addition, the real estate agent will present you with a marketing strategy including various marketing measures: for example, a high-quality exposé including unique photos of your property, advertisements for daily and weekly newspapers with a wide reach, an advertisement in the Grund glossy magazine Enough as well as the best placement in real estate portals and social networks. In addition, FLEXMAKLER offers 360-degree online inspections and drone videos of your property. Weekly reports keep you informed about the current marketing status of your property. These give you information about customer inquiries and agreed viewing appointments. Your personal contact person is available to answer your questions at any time during the entire marketing process.

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