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Selling real estate is in our DNA, so the sale of your property is in very good hands with us. Thanks to our many years of market experience, we offer you comprehensive services and an all-round carefree package.

Find out here how we can support you in selling your property in an uncomplicated and non-binding manner. Here you can find out which questions are particularly important right at the beginning.

We not only protect you from expensive mistakes when selling real estate.

We advise you and guide your property through the entire process of contemporary and professional real estate marketing.


Sell owner-occupied property

The right time to sell my property

When selling an owner-occupied property, the best time to sell depends largely on the market environment and individual location factors. For example, if the property is on a busy street that is to be moved underground to make way for a beautiful city park, it would of course make sense to wait before selling the property. A positive development in the quality of living is of course to be expected here. Basically, it is always cheap to sell real estate when there is a very high demand for exactly this type of real estate.

Of course, the development of interest rates also plays an important role. If the financing of the property is cheap, you can afford a higher investment. At the end of the loan term, this can even be cheaper than a lower purchase price in relation to expensive financing. Selling real estate is therefore a matter of supply and demand. In Düsseldorf and Berlin, the timing is very good today: in both cities, a scarce supply meets high demand. This is the perfect environment to sell a property at a profit.

Sell investment property

When it comes to investing, there are two times when you, as the owner, should think about selling your property:

  • A good time to sell a property is when the previous tenant moves out of the property. Your property will now be of interest to another group of buyers. In addition to investors, your property can now also be considered for owner-occupiers. A purchase price that is up to 30% higher can be achieved for a vacant property. In addition, in the case of a new rental, the new owner can choose who he wants to rent to. This is also a decisive advantage for many prospective buyers.
  • The second point in time is when the speculation period of a rented property has expired. This is the case after ten years. Now you can sell tax-free. Incidentally, owners are also exempt from the speculation period if they lived in the property in the calendar year of the sale and the two years before.

What price can I get when selling my property?

What is my property worth today? This is the question owners ask themselves when they want to sell their property. However, very few real estate owners know the current value of their own property.

Buying your own home was often a long time ago and a lot has happened on the real estate market in the meantime. Modernizations are often carried out over time, which also influence the value of the property. A professional real estate appraisal can help here.

Owners of their own property usually also have an emotional value that cannot be measured in numbers. If you would like to sell your property and do not yet know exactly what it would be worth on the market, use our real estate appraisal – free of charge and without obligation.

The price that can be achieved for the sale of a condominium ultimately depends on many factors. Location is of course crucial, as is development in the neighborhood and the city as a whole. Value-adding and value-decreasing factors of the property itself. The economic environment, in particular the level of interest at the time of marketing.

Summarized in one sentence: The best price for a property is achieved when a good offer, in combination with optimal marketing, generates a particularly high demand.

We always advise our customers not to be fooled by the most expensive offers in their city. Many years of experience are often required to recognize the differences between other offers that actually justify a higher purchase price.

Selling a property – what is a sensible asking price?

It is often the excessive price expectations of the sellers themselves that screw up a good deal for you. Vendors who start the sales process for their condominium with an asking price that is much too high often end up getting much less than the market would have given them. These are empirical values that are confirmed again and again. Those interested in a real estate offer observe the development, in particular the price development of a property in the relevant real estate portals. At first there is no response to the offer because the price is utopian. Of course, those interested who have been looking for a long time notice this. Then the seller lowers the price a little, then again, and in the worst case again. The mistake is that observers don’t feel that they should strike, but rather ask themselves: what’s the catch? Why is the property so hard to sell? The interested parties who are really willing to buy because they have been looking for a long time are therefore suspicious and distance themselves from the offer.

It is therefore of immense importance to start with a reasonable offer price from the outset. For some properties – for example, if a particularly high demand is expected – it can make sense to start with a low price. Because there are several prospective buyers who are willing to buy, you submit purchase offers and are often willing to pay significantly more, since the great interest in the property suggests that you have come across a really good offer here!

That is why we always start the sales process with a well-founded property appraisal , based on the legally regulated appraisal process in accordance with the Appraisal Ordinance.

Which target group am I addressing when selling my property?

Real estate marketing comes before the real estate sale. It is very important because you can achieve the best possible sales price through skilful marketing measures. In order for the marketing to be effective, the addressee must be known. At first glance, this may not seem significant. Why not just take a few nice photos of the object and write a few lines about it? Such an approach reduces the chance of selling the property as quickly as possible and at the best possible price. Why? Because that’s how everyone and nobody is addressed. It is now pure luck that potential prospects with an actual purchase intention discover the property. In addition, such an approach provokes unnecessary, time-consuming inspections. This can cause resignation on the part of the seller, who ultimately sells the property below its value. Our experience as successful brokers shows very clearly: A target group analysis and marketing based on it are more promising.

Before selling a property, a professional broker always carries out a market analysis in order to get the best end result for you: a timely sale on the terms you want and at the best possible price.