Why you cannot do without good real estate photos

In view of the high demand, many believe that their Property sold quickly even with bad photos. Bad photos but often lead to unnecessary visits where interested parties say: “I imagined it differently.” And also the price of You can assert yourself better in real estate if the positive impression is made confirmed by the photos on site. Rule of thumb: The better the photos, the better Interested parties can decide more easily whether your property is for she is in question.

The overall impression counts! We know it from advertising and Food industry: Less is often more. Real estate photos work better if they make a “tidy” impression. are rooms full, it disturbs the imagination of the prospect and it it is difficult for him to see his future apartment. Experts advise: If you take photos of furnished rooms or garden and yard, you should these are “depersonalized”. So private items, like Clothing, toothbrushes, lawnmowers or similar should not be in the picture be visible. Test photos are recommended to avoid such disturbing ones little things to discover.

Bright rooms are just as important for convincing real estate photos. Drawn curtains or blinds as well as backlight darken rooms and Exterior views of a property. Bright rooms are more inviting. Should However, if the blazing sun shines into the room, photos will be overexposed. Therefore, it makes sense to time exactly when ideal light reigns. In such cases, however, can also use curtains or blinds be helped to ensure optimum light. With a Professional cameras can control the amount of light via the aperture and the shutter speed be regulated.

A good photo of your property is also from the perspective dependent. If it is chosen incorrectly, the house or rooms can be distorted or Proportions appear wrong. Seems a room smaller than it actually is, potential buyers can be put off. Included the lens also plays a role. If you have as much space as possible want to get on the photo, wide-angle lenses make sense. However a wide-angle lens can also make rooms appear too large. The may lead to unnecessary viewings by prospective buyers realize that your property is too small. Also is on it make sure that no lines collapse. Because that leads to spatial distortions. To draw straight lines, for example at the corners of walls, Doors or windows, the camera should be held straight will. It is advisable to take the photo from a height of about one meter shoot.

In the end, small details in the photo that are still not correct can be corrected easily reworked. If lines are not perpendicular, you can adjust, rectify and straighten the image section. Even with photos that are too dark, the brightness and the Contrast can be slightly increased. But be sure to use it with the Don’t overdo the improvement. When prospects see that photo is over-edited, you might become skeptical.

You can find out how to spice up your property with home staging in one of our following issues.

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