With our marketing experts for professionally supervised property development sales

Developer sales go beyond the classic marketing of real estate or the sale of an existing property. Developer new construction projects are more demanding in all phases. With Flexmakler you can rely on an experienced partner in the support of property developers. Our marketing approaches are progressive, modern and aesthetically sophisticated. What is more important, however, is that our real estate professionals can sell. We accompany interested parties from the inquiry, through the inspection and planning of the financing, to the notary appointment and the handover of the new property.

What makes property development sales a challenge?

A new build is more than an attractive property that you want to present to potential buyers or tenants. In a new building project, the focus is on the unique planning and conception of new objects, which are to be communicated accordingly in marketing. Active marketing of the property is possible even before and during the construction phase and requires well thought-out marketing appropriate to the property and the target group. Flexmakler provides competent support in all these areas and serves customer requests with extensive industry know-how. With our large network of partners from all areas of the real estate industry, we are able to bring people and companies together with the same interest. Flexmakler only works with trained and experienced sellers. We make sure that one contact person is responsible – and it stays that way.
A basis for the successful sale of the project that should not be underestimated.

Comprehensive advice on all aspects of selling your new building project

Coordinated marketing of the property is crucial for property developer sales. Even a modern and attractive property will not find suitable buyers or tenants if the sales measures are mismanaged or are aimed at the wrong group of buyers. A comprehensive market analysis is one of the first steps. Flexmakler carries out well-founded analyzes for you and shows you which potential customers are interested in purchasing your new building or individual units. As early as the implementation of your new building project, you can specifically control which interests of potential buyers you should satisfy by furnishing your property. That is why it makes sense to involve the sales partner at an early stage. We are also happy to make suggestions on how to get much closer to the desired target group with small adjustments.

Planning and implementation from a single source

Flexmakler combines comprehensive real estate knowledge with market-tested, practical approaches in the sale of new buildings. From the initial planning, how the marketing of your new building could look like, to the implementation of our coordinated ideas in property marketing, we accompany you competently. At all times, we attach great importance to direct communication at eye level in order to meet your ideas as well as the wishes of the future real estate buyer. It is important to us to accompany you as a central contact for all aspects of sales. This applies in particular to unfinished new buildings, which are more difficult to sell during the construction phase. After all, many potential buyers cannot 100 percent imagine what the property will look like when completed.

Best references in property developer sales

If you need help deciding whether you want us to sell your new build project, take a look at our references. Over the past few years, we have successfully implemented a large number of projects, the sale of which of course always represented an individual challenge. With our offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin, we are active in two of the most important real estate regions in Germany: the federal capital and the Rhine-Ruhr region.

Perfect marketing for your project

Marketing for new buildings has its own peculiarities in each project phase. During the planning and implementation phase, advertising with video or photo material is not yet possible. Simulations, renderings and, for example, digital 360-degree visualizations are the ideal alternative here. A virtual inspection of the property or a small image film are also conceivable approaches to a successful marketing strategy. Not all measures are equally suitable for every type of new building. In a joint discussion with you, we examine various concepts and determine which approaches are most likely to lead to success with your target group. this
The same applies to the selection of advertising media and the choice of channels that you primarily want to use for the presentation and advertising of the property. These include:

  • Video integration on YouTube or real estate portals
  • Development of professional image and advertising texts
  • Production of videos, photos, digital simulations and more
  • Traditional advertising measures such as advertisements in newspapers etc.
  • Marketing via your own web presence, social media and more

The same applies here:
The selection of the appropriate measures, which we combine into a well thought-out concept for you, depends to a large extent on the target group. Age, income structure, region and micro-location.

Active help in all subsequent steps

Ideally, the professional sales approach quickly leads to a large number of potential buyers. As soon as they express a serious interest in your property, our work is not over for you. We will be happy to accompany you until the purchase has been successfully completed and take care of all the work and formalities relating to the purchase of the new building. The most important services include:

  • Evaluation of the group of interested parties with pre-selection
  • Qualification of prospective buyers
  • Organization and implementation of visits
  • Follow-up of all appointments made

In short: sell professionally.

Advice and financing as a service for buyers

The sale of new buildings entails greater challenges, especially due to the high property value.

Sales of new builds aims to identify suitable buyers, which you will quickly identify with our help and our network. If you are on the buyer side and have discovered a fantastic property in a new building project, we are also your contact.

Secure financing of the property plays an essential role for buyers and sellers. With Flexhypo , our service brand of Schüßler-Baufinanz GmbH, we accompany prospective buyers and show you how you can safely realize your dream of your new building. It is often easier and safer to finance your dream home than you thought!

FLEXMAKLER- your trustworthy partner also for existing properties

If you are interested in professional new building sales, get in touch and talk to us. During an initial, non-binding consultation, we would be happy to personally familiarize you with our skills and our strong network. Our references show you that we carry out sales for new construction projects in all dimensions and have successfully completed them in the past.

In the same way, we are at your side as a competent partner for the marketing of your existing properties. We would be happy to take care of the sale of your house or condominium in order to achieve a smooth transaction with the right group of buyers. We carry out all the steps for you – from the first inspection of the property to handing over the keys to the buyer. You enjoy top service at absolutely attractive conditions. We also expertly carry out individual consulting and service activities, for example for the valuation of your property.