We buy your property directly and easily

We buy your real estate directly and easily. We hereby offer you the alternative for the sale of your residential, commercial or apartment building. You simply sell directly and uncomplicatedly to us. Our cooperative is committed to enduring values. We are not a recycler who implements highly speculative projects at the expense of, for example, established tenant structures. Regardless of the reason you want to sell. Without a broker and directly to us as your buyer. The most discreet way to sell real estate!

You want to sell your house or need a solution or advice for your property?

Use our advice. We will also find the solution for your property that suits you perfectly. We will quickly create a purchase offer for you or make you suggestions as to how and when a sale makes sense – because of course the immediate sale is not always appropriate. In any case, we assure you that the process will be quick and uncomplicated. The solution if you want to sell your property without risk and long marketing.

We buy your residential and commercial buildings

Our cooperative acquires residential and commercial buildings ranging in size from 4 to around 60 units in Berlin, Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas of both cities. Your property should preferably be in good structural condition. We check the substance of renovation objects on a case-by-case basis. Of course, after a thorough examination by our building experts and architects.

Your advantage is that we buy at fair market prices, i.e. at market value. Our advantage is that we save transaction costs because we can purchase the property directly. Our goal is to find a solution that above all works safely for everyone involved. Once we have developed the right idea, we can implement it promptly and discreetly.


your benefits

  • No high marketing costs
  • No unnecessary visits
  • You avoid countless conversations and inquiries
  • We guarantee absolute discretion
  • Timely and transparent decision
  • Professional and quick sales process


Special case of inheritance

Real estate is durable – that is in the nature of things. It is not uncommon for real estate to change owners because they are to be passed on to the next generation. But what if multiple heirs have completely different views? Sometimes it just happens that future owners want to deal better with capital than with real estate. But what if an heir lives or wants to live in the house?

A possible solution: Selling the property with the right of residence for the heir. Or a partial sale. Means that the part that is to be inhabited simply becomes the property of the heir using it. There are countless ways to resolve such conflicts of interest.

We specialize in finding and implementing exactly such solutions! Of course, disputes rarely benefit the well-being of a property. Rather, the different views then block each other. Selling is often the most sensible decision.