No marketing without a professional exposé

Regardless of whether you have a property for sale in Berlin , Düsseldorf or another city: without high-quality marketing you will not achieve the best possible price. The basis for the marketing strategy is a professional exposé that arouses interest, speeds up the sales process and enables a high sales price. It’s a promotional item.

In addition, with the help of a meaningful exposé, you prevent sightseeing tourism and unnecessary queries. This saves you time and money. When creating the exposé, however, there are a few aspects to consider so that it actually does not fail to have an effect.

What exactly is an exposé and what form can it take?

An exposé is a textual and pictorial property description that serves the sale. How it is designed and what information can be found in it can be the decisive factor in whether a prospective real estate buyer approaches

want to inform about the object or not. This important advertising medium is created by the seller. If he has hired a broker, he will take on this complex task. On the one hand there is the exposé, which is published in the online portals for real estate sales. On the other hand, there are variants in the form of brochures that can be printed out and sent digitally.

With the help of a powerful exposé, you can focus on the special something of the property. You can attract buyers to the property, which is important. Especially in the private sector, real estate transactions go hand in hand with a lot of emotions. The exposé also helps prospective buyers to prepare for the viewing. He remembers her better that way. An improved basis of trust can also be built up with this brochure. In short: It is a sales-promoting measure. Please also note that the financing bank requires this document along with the sale price in order to approve the loan.

Exposé – what does it say?

Before the exposé is created, the target group is determined. This is a principle from advertising. Only those who know the addressee can write the ideal advertising message. The focus here is on the question: What could the target group be particularly interested in about the property? For example, the interest of capital investors is different than that of owner-occupiers. In general, the following information is important for the real estate exposé:

  • location of the property
  • description of the situation
  • Environment description regarding neighborhood structure
  • Property description with dimensions
  • Description of the property.
  • available plans such as floor plans and site plan
  • earliest move-in date
  • Appraisal by an independent expert
  • first class photos and videos with all outdoor facilities and rooms
  • price offer
  • Information about viewing appointments
  • contact details

The exposé is very detailed, informed and attractively prepared. The quality of the photos is crucial, so it may be advisable to hire a photographer. A reputable real estate agent will have professional real estate photos and, if necessary, videos made. Regardless of who takes the pictures, the interior design should always be depersonalized. A prospective buyer can better imagine setting up neutral premises.

Structure of an exposé

An exposé has a sensible structure that is particularly reader-friendly and appealing. Anyone who has already looked at the sales brochures of first-class brokers has certainly noticed this special structure:


Exposé cover sheet:

It features a headline that piques the interest of the target audience. In the case of a student apartment, for example, it would be the location directly at the university. If living close to nature is an important sales argument, the large garden next to the house can be mentioned in the headline. The exposé headline is supplemented by a representative photo of the property. The unique selling point of the sale object should be clearly recognizable. If necessary, further important key data such as number of rooms, size of living space, year of construction and purchase price are noted on the cover sheet. This is best done in a clear block of text.


Inner part:

The inner part is characterized by a logical structure. It is advisable to start with the object description. This is followed by exterior shots with image descriptions. It is important to emphasize the positive properties of the property. However, lying is prohibited and could result in legal consequences. The photos and the descriptions of the interiors should be detailed and informative. After the exterior and interior photos including descriptions, a site plan is shown. An aerial photo is also useful. It is helpful to mark things on the map that may be of interest to the target audience. These can be, for example, parks, schools, restaurants, bus stops, etc. Advantageous photos of the area can also be attached. In this way, the interested party knows what the area around the object looks like. This is followed by the construction drawings: in a colored representation with furniture and then as a plan excerpt with the corresponding measurements.



It often happens that the prospective buyer immediately goes from the cover page to the last page. They want to get a quick overview. In addition, the last page gives the opportunity to be well remembered. For this reason, it is advisable to summarize the essential data at the end. This is also the ideal place to mention viewing appointments or viewing opportunities. Information on liability, any costs and the complete address of the property should be mentioned there. Finally, the contact details follow, which always include an easily accessible telephone number.

Exposé is best left to a professional

From these explanations you can see that a professional exposé is very complex. Competent brokers take over this work for you and ensure high-quality marketing of your property. Contact us if you want to sell a property!