Increase the chances of marketing your property with a virtual tour or an aerial photo of the property

The advantage of a 360-degree image is that this depiction presents the property in great detail and the viewer can immediately get a comprehensive picture of the property. Today’s technology also makes it possible for a broker to present the property from a bird’s eye view. Aerial views provide an opportunity to capture the property as a whole. A possible option is, for example, the recording by a camera drone.

Aerial photography for real estate sales

When selling a property, an exposé often helps to be successful. The more exclusive and meaningful this exposé turns out to be, the more targeted you speak as a seller or  broker to the desired target group. We support you in the sale of real estate with our professional aerial photographs of houses and properties using a drone. It doesn’t matter at all whether you want to sell a single-family house, a detached house with a surrounding park, or perhaps a larger commercial property. All objects can be optimally photographed from the air and presented in an appealing way with high-resolution photos or an appealing video.

In order to stand out when selling houses, real estate agents are breaking new ground more and more often. With aerial photos of real estate, you can attract the interest of potential buyers to an advertisement even faster. In addition, aerial photos can be used perfectly for presentation on a website. This not only promotes the sale of the property, but also shows professionalism at the same time.

The creation of exposés for  commercial real estate. Such large buildings are often difficult to capture and present with conventional photos. Nowadays, drone photography is used for this purpose. This  show the entire area in one photo and can  Detail shots show special areas of the building. Therefore, aerial photography is a simple and efficient way to comprehensively present commercial real estate or apartment buildings. Bid for particularly high-priced or unusual objects  video recordings  even more marketing opportunities.

In addition to using it through a professional sale by a broker, you can of course also use it  Homeowners hire us to take an aerial photo of their property  and use this to sell the house or property independently and without a broker.

Why you care about aerial photography of real estate  rely on professionals  should be obvious: with the modern technology of a drone and camera  high-resolution photos and videos from a bird’s-eye view of the  do justice to the exclusivity of the real estate photographed. Appealing and convincing exposés and presentations for a real estate sale or an investor search can only be created with such professional recordings.

In addition, we can take pictures with a drone within a very short time  and you  make it available for further use. Of course, we are always familiar with all current rules and regulations and  take care of all kinds of permits in advance.

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